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WEB Business Advisors, LLC was formed in partnership with Transworld Business Advisors of Western Kentucky to list and sell existing businesses and franchises in Western Kentucky. Our mutual goal with our clients is to provide a confidential climate to evaluate one of the most important decisions to be made in your lifetime!

W. Edward Barker (Ed)

After growing up in Paducah and graduating college at Virginia Tech as an Engineer, Ed started his career at a Fortune 50 company in Lexington, Kentucky working as a manager in the food industry. He moved back to Paducah as the start-up manager to establish a manufacturing facility for the beverage industry. Here Ed hired all the original employees and set up most of the team structure of the business. Later, Ed was hired to sell capital equipment and eventually rose to the position of President, serving for a number of years. He then entered the engineering business and eventually was chosen to establish a new manufacturing facility in Paducah. Ed has held the following titles during his career: National Sales Manager, Vice President & General Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager, President & CEO and Partner & Area Director. The industries Ed has served include food, beverage, capital equipment manufacturing, light manufacturing, engineering/construction, pharmaceutical manufacturing and business advising. Ed currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Paducah Water and is a member of the Rotary Club of Paducah. Ed served as Chairman of the Rotary Education Assistance Plan for 10 years.

Why Should You Consider Us?

We are affiliated with Transworld Business Advisors of Florida, who has been listing and selling businesses for over 30 years. They have developed a proven process of controlling the entire sales process right up to the closing table. This total involvement on our part assures you can continue running your business while we handle the details. Transworld is truly an international organization with offices worldwide and over 500 agents listing and selling existing businesses and franchises. More importantly, we are located in Paducah so you don’t have to rely on getting a salesperson’s attention in Nashville, Louisville or Lexington.


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